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Notary Bonds

To apply for a Notary Bond or a Notary Errors & Omissions Policy, download the application form provided and follow the instructions below.

Notary Bonds protect the public, and are required.  Notary Errors & Omissions Policies protect the notary. Sanguinetti & Co. Insurance Brokers also provide several other types of security bonds such as talent agency bonds, traffic school bonds and more. More bonds…




Notary Bond Application (PDF)

This is a $15k, 4-Year Bond, for only $38.00 premium

The Notary Bond is required of all notaries


Notary E&O Policy Application (PDF)

For individual notaries, with a 4-Year Policy Term:

$10,000 policy = $35.00 premium

$15,000 policy = $75.00 premium

$30,000 policy = $295.00 premium


For a group of notaries in an office, with a 1-Year Policy Term:

$50,000 policy = $100.00 premium per year, per notary

$100,000 policy = $150.00 premium per year, per notary


Fax documents to:

(877)577-1722 or (209)954-0800

Or email:


Mail the completed forms and documentation to:

Sanguinetti & Co.

Attn: Bond Department

7337 Pacific Avenue

Stockton, CA 95207-1924