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CrimeSHIELD Bonds

CrimeSHIELD® fidelity bonds are designed to meet the needs of today’s commercial, governmental, and non-profit organizations by providing protection against:

  • Employee Theft
  • Depositors Forgery or Alteration
  • Theft, Disappearance & Destruction of Money & Securities, and Robbery & Safe Burglary of Other Property
  • Robbery & Safe Burglary of Money and Securities Other Property
  • Computer and Funds Transfer Fraud
  • Money Orders & Counterfeit Currency

Most commercial insurance plans do not protect the policyholder against these types of losses. And such crimes are on the rise. Protect yourself, apply for CrimeSHIELD from The Hartford today.


Additional Features of CrimeSHIELD

  • Expands the definition of “employee” to include Partners/Members of limited liability companies, non-compensated officers, committee members and volunteers.
  • Provides coverage for merged/acquired entities with revenues or assets of less than 15 percent of the acquiring entity at no additional charge.
  • Automatically covers ERISA plans
  • Expands employee theft to include coverage for money, securities or other property that you hold on your premises for a client.
  • Allows Inventory Records to be used to support the amount of a covered loss.

Third-Party Employee Theft Coverage

  • Third-Party Coverage – Today it has become more common practice for organizations to outsource work to third-party contractors. To reduce the added risks of this practice, many contracts require insurance that covers third-party employee theft. CrimeSHIELD meets this need, too.
  • Credit, Debit or Charge Card Forgery – Provides forgery coverage for credit, debit, or charge cards issued for business purposes.

Protect yourself, apply for CrimeSHIELD today or contact us for further assistance.





For limits of $250,000 or greater, the following business classes require additional questions to be answered along with the appropriate application. Please select and complete the questionnaire that applies to your specific business class listed below.


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