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Bid, Performance, Payment, & Maintenance Bonds

A Bid, Performance, Payment, or Maintenance Bonds is a surety bond that guarantees a contractor will perform a contract in accordance with the plans and specifications of the specific project and pay required labor and material bills. As an example, a contractor’s bond may be required for the supplying of materials or construction and repairing of a building, road, or sewer.

All Bid, Performance, and Maintenance Bond applications should be accompanied with copies of the bond form from the obligee, and a copies of the contract (supporting documentation).



Projects or Aggregate Programs up to $350,000:

CNA Bond Application (PDF)

*Personal Financial Statement (PDF)

For projects over $100K, Financial Statements required


For Aggregate Programs in excess of $350,000 up to $700,000:

CNA Bond Application (PDF)

Personal Financial Statement (PDF)


Projects over $500K:

Bond Application, Projects over $500k (PDF)



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